Booking an Appointment at the Surgery

All patients registered with the surgery are able to see any doctor within the practice. It is preferable, both to you and the Doctor, to see the same doctor regularly, especially for the same condition. Each doctor holds different clinics and you will be able to make appointments for them in the morning or afternoon. When booking an appointment, the Reception staff will try and arrange one to your request, but this may not be possible all the time.
Some doctors do job share, therefore when your doctor is off; you can see the other doctor and not await your usual doctor to return. The current job share doctors are Dr Garrod with Dr Polli and Dr Unsworth with Dr Bradley. 


Nursing appointments are available each day from 0830 a.m. to 6.00 pm. The Reception staff will ask you, on the nurse’s behalf, for the reason for your visit; this is so that the correct allocation of time for the appointment can be made. Further details are given later in this leaflet.

Booking an Appointment as a Home Visit

Please phone before 10.30 a.m. if you require a home visit. The Reception staff will ask you on the doctor’s behalf, the reason for the visit. This will allow the doctor to judge the urgency of your request.
If You Require Medical Assitance When The Surgery Is Closed
Please call 111 for advice
There are several ways of booking an appointment with the Surgery.
These are given below:
Telephone on surgery phone number 01284 753008, this can be done 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The surgery has an automated appointment booking system that will allow you to book an appointment even when the surgery is closed. On telephoning the surgery, you will be able to book the next available appointment, the next available for a particular doctor, or (if open) talk to a Receptionist, outside these hours you will be directed to either ring when the surgery is open or if urgent to contact 111. 
Please note that calls both into the surgery and also out from the surgery may be recorded.
The surgery uses a website called Patient Access. This will allow you to book an appointment order repeat medication and see aspects of your medical records held by the surgery. The website address is . You will need to register before using it and in order to do this you need an access code and password. These are available from Reception.
In person
All appointments can be made at Reception
Appointments are available to book at various stages; with some available as soon as the clinics are available, normally 6 weeks in advance, others are available 24 hours in advance, others at 6 a.m. on the morning of the appointment and some from 8 a.m. when the surgery opens.
If you require so see a doctor that day and no appointments are available, you can request the duty doctor to contact you and discuss your condition. They can make a decision with you when they have understood your symptoms on the best way to manage your condition. This may be an appointment in the surgery, collection of a prescription or any other alternative that is appropriate. 
GP+ Appointments
Suffolk GP+ is for people who urgently need a doctor's appointment or are unable to see their GP during normal GP hours.
Appointments can be made via Reception during our usual opening hours. Please note: patients cannot refer themselves to this service.
The service is staffed by local Suffolk GPs and Nurse Practitioners in Bury St Edmunds, Haverhill, Ipswich, Felixstowe, Stowmarket, Leiston, Wickham Market and is an NHS Service delivered by the Suffolk GP Federation.
You will be given a booked appointment and will be seen by a suitable local GP or nurse who will have access to your medical records (once consent is given).


A trained member of the practice staff can accompany you into an appointment if you so wish, or be with you during an examination. Please let either a member of Reception staff know on arrival or the doctor or nurse during your consultation if you wish for a chaperone to be present.
Sickness Certificates
Please note that you do not require a certificate if you are off work for one to three days. If you are off for four to seven days inclusive, you should complete a self certificate form (SC1) which can be obtained from Reception. If you are self employed you will need to use form SC2, which can be obtained from DSS. 
If you are off for eight or more consecutive days your doctor will complete a Social Security form Med 3 or Med 5. Medical certificates for illnesses less than eight days are not required by law. A private certificate can be supplied, but a charge will be made for this service.
Private/Non-NHS Examination and Reports
A number of examinations and reports for special purposes are done privately and a fee will be payable. Examples of these are: insurance forms, letters to solicitors, life insurance/assurance, fitness to drive, HGV/PSV medicals, holiday cancellation, private sick notes and passport forms. A list of fees is displayed in reception.