Training at Angel Hill Surgery

We at Angel Hill Surgery are enthusiastic about teaching the next generation of Doctors by encouraging their development. We believe that teaching increases standards and produces a higher quality of service for all concerned.

Training General Practitioners

The Practice assists in the training of prospective General Practitioners. These Doctors have already undertaken several years of hospital medicine and are now learning the special skills of General Practice and you may be asked permission for them to sit in on your consultation. Indeed some clinics will be observed clinics when the trainer will supervise the trainee during the clinic, you will be informed of this before the consultation commences.

Video Recording of Consultations

At times you may be asked to contribute to teaching, learning and assessment within medical education by having your consultation with your doctor video recorded. The recording will only be undertaken with your written consent. Intimate physical examinations will not be recorded and the camera will be switched off on request. We thank you for your help, but recognise your right not to take part.